Monday, February 8, 2010

Floating Bee February Block

I was so proud of my little February block! It was difficult and challenging for me. I had to rip a few seams, I'll admit. So, when I asked my old roommate if he wanted to see my quilt house and he said, "The only House I want to see is Dr. House MD on Hulu tonight." I couldn't help but roll my eyes. So, I told him I'd give it some Vicodin and a shot of vodka before I took its picture. After I showed him he said, "Well you weren't lying about it being crippled and needing Vicodin." See if I ever show him a quilt block again.

I then showed my boyfriend and he asked if the bee was a flag. When I explained that it was a bee, he asked why it was floating in a block of green. Boys have no imagination! I told him not to sass me and went back to cleaning up my sewing mess.

I'm never showing them my quilt blocks again.

I like it anyway! And I hope Kris does too! :)


Zonnah said...

Well I think it is super cute! I really like how you added the green fabric for the grass. I take everything my husband says about my quilting with a grain of salt because he is all about function and not looks :)

Zonnah said...
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Lula Dahl said...

Thank you!! :)

Anne at Film and Thread said...

I think it's adorable and it looks very summery which is nice this time of year!

Robin said...

What a happy little house! And I love the bee as well as that fabulous grass! I want a yard like that. :)