Saturday, January 30, 2010

January Block

Hi everyone! I am finally posting to the blog! I wanted to post before, but never did get around to figuring out how. Turns out I hadn't even accepted the invite to the blog. So smart!

Anyway, here is what I did for Robin's log cabin block. (Please ignore the damask around the quilt sort of matches, but it isn't apart of the block. It's just my ironing board cover.) I hope she likes it!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm so excited for Robin's quilt. I got purple, my favorite color! Here's what I came up with
Snip.Sew.Send. block for Robin
Hope you like it!

I just packaged up all of next month's packages, so watch your mailboxes soon!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

February Houses!

Next month, I'm hoping to have you help me create a tiny houses quilt inspired by the one above by Ingrid Press. It's been all over the web, but I just love it and I think it might be the perfect wall hanging for a completely bare wall in my living room.

I'm going to send out just the background fabric (Kona Cotton in Sand) and I'd like you guys to use little bits and pieces from your scrap pile to make houses, trees or other buildings. I would love a finished quilt that has a kind of bright, but mellow color scheme (I know, completely contradictory), so I think variety is what's going to best achieve that. I'm not going to send fabric until later this week, so let me know if you'd rather have me send you scraps in your package.

I've posted a bunch of inspiration photos in a flickr gallery here (these are ideas for the houses, but also give you a sense of the types of colors that I'm thinking about for this project):
Here's a link to a tutorial on making wonky houses:

Finally, size:
I'd like the houses/trees/buildings to be around 2-4" in an unfinished 12.5" block. If you want to make more than one block, go for it and don't worry if you can't sash both/all of them. I can always complete the blocks when they get to me.

I'm so excited to see what each of you create! Thank you!!

p.s. I'd love it if you could post your pictures on the blog so everyone can see.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Am Seeing Red

It was Robin from Crafty Musings turn this month and she wanted a log cabin block. She said it could be traditional or wonky so I did a little of both :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Snip Sew Send- January

Would you believe I've never made a log cabin before, much less a wonky one? Yes I realize it's one of the simplest and most basic blocks but I've never done it....

I decided to make it wonky because I fell in love with these wonky squares. I don't have much/any yellow in my stash so I stuck with using what I got but I used a bit of every piece so it's pretty scrappy and definitely sunshiney (is that a word?).

I can't wait to see the rainbow put together!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

January Rainbow

Happy 2010!!!

January is my month for Snip.Sew.Send. Woo hoo! Since I'm having a baby in April, I thought it would be fun to have you help me make a baby quilt. We aren't finding out the sex of the baby (I tell you, the suspense is killing me!), so I'm going with a sort of gender-neutral color scheme: rainbow!

These are my fabrics:

fabrics sent to SSS ladies
I've sent a different color grouping to each of you, and welcome you to include fabrics from your own stash if you are so inclined. I mailed them out on 12/31/2009, so hopefully your fabrics will be arriving soon.

I'd like 9.5" log cabin blocks. They can be traditional or they can be wonky-- I'm looking forward to some variety, so do whatever strikes your fancy.

As for potential layout, I'm kind of torn between a couple of options.

log cabin layout A
This one appeals to me because of the open center. I could to some kind of applique, or a spiffy quilting motif. But, it is a big expanse of white for a baby quilt. So I may end up trying something simpler like this:

log cabin layout B
Any thoughts?

I found some pretty nifty pictures in flickr and a couple of other blogs that inspired me that you may want to look to for inspiration as well:

Rainbow Cabins
Rainbow Block Quilt
Wonky Log Cabin Rainbow Scrap Quilt
Color Wheel Quilt
Wonky Log Cabin Inspiration mosaic

And here are a few tutorials, if you are looking for some guidance (I'm sure there are lots more too!):

Traditional Log Cabin Block and Variations
Tallgrass Prairie Studio: Wonky Log Cabin Tutorial
Quilt Dad: Wonky Log Cabin Block
Quilt Dad Wonky Quarter Log Cabin Block
blempgorf: Advice on Making Wonky Improvisational Log Cabin Blocks

I can't wait to see what y'all create!!!