Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chocolate Lollipops in July

I happened to have a clean sewing table (I think we all know how rare an occurance that is) and didn't feel like starting another large project so I decided to tackle July's block a little early.

Earlier in the day I started making a giant bento box for a baby playmat or quilt but ran out of white fabric so I had to shelve the project for another day. To make it I doubled the size of the template pieces that came with the pattern and I liked how it showcased the larger prints I was working with in that project.

But I was curious how it would look in the original scale and since July was an anything goes month I decided to make one fourth of a bento box for Chen. I stuck with the original scale of the pattern as well as the original concept of alternating light and dark prints and really like how it came out.

Snip Sew Send July

Monday, June 22, 2009

Chocolate Lollipops for July

In my opinion, chocolate is good anytime so why not July. For my month, I have chosen the Chocolate Lollipops line by Anna Maria Horner. I love this line! I have been hoarding this for quite a while and I believe it's time to finally cut into it. I would love for you lovely ladies to help me create a beautiful quilt with it!I am asking each of you to make a block of your choice. The great thing about these quilting bees for me is the creativity that everyone puts in their own blocks. I love looking at a block and seeing someone else's handiwork. I'm constantly amazed at all the talent of others. Some blocks may be simple but their arrangement of the fabric used make the block stand out. And then there are the blocks that are just jaw dropping and I can't imagine ever being talented enough to make a block to equal it. I'm involved in three other quilting bees also ( I know, I have issues with self control!). My months in two of them have passed and I now have two beautiful quilt tops. Since everyone chose and created their own blocks, I can look at a block and know exactly who made it and I love that! Here's a peek of two of the quilt tops:
I'll be sending out my packets in the next couple of days with instructions on the block size. I guess it will be like Christmas in July for me when I start receiving my blocks back :0). I can't wait!!!
***** If you want to take a closer look at the quilts/blocks from my other two bees, they can be found here and here.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

For Adrienne From Kris

For this month, Adrienne sent vintage sheets she thrifted and some were hand dyed! These were new fabrics for me and it was awesome to work with something different. She requested Denise Schmidt Hop, Skip and Jump style blocks.

Following Zonnah, I figured I would share how I ended up accomplishing the task. If nothing else, it's a reference for me to go back to. This was my first time doing wonky free style blocks, so I followed the suggestion of another member of the bee on how to do it.

I cut all the pieces I was going to be working with a little longer than the height of the finished block (I cut to 7" to allow some leeway for a 6.5" block)

For each piece, I put the new piece on top of the other pieces that were already pieced. Here the orange piece is new and it's already been cut at angle from a previous step.
Snip.Sew.Send Block for Adrienne

Then I decided how wonky I wanted the seam to be and cut both pieces at that angle (making sure to leave a little extra for the seam allowance.
Snip.Sew.Send Block for Adrienne

Then I lined up the edges (right sides together) and off set them 1/4" so the pieces would still line up more-or-less straight after I sewed the seam.
Snip.Sew.Send Block for Adrienne

After I had all my pieces sewn together, I trimmed the height to the appropriate length (here 6.5"), and called it good. Here are the results:
Snip.Sew.Send Block for Adrienne

And an extra block that Adrienne said she's going to trim for another part of the quilt.
Snip.Sew.Send Block for Adrienne

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Method To My Madness

Do you really think wonky is my style? I don't think so :) This block was a big push for me and although I did not follow the path of a true wonkier (is that a word?), I think I did rather well. I like to plan everything in my blocks so I decided I would not do that when choosing which fabrics went where. I literally closed my eyes a just grabbed. The only fabric I kind of planed was the floral because I wanted it in the bigger spots so it would be dominant.

So now for the method:

I decided I would paper piece the block. Here is the telephone book paper.

Then since my paper was not 12 inches long I cut two 6.50 inch squares.

Then I made my pattern on the squares.

Here I am piecing it together.

Right after piecing.

Then I had to sew them together. I know looks crooked but I swear it will come out straight :).

Yeah! It's straight.

And the end result.

My only complaint was the orange fabric did not come up in the pile as much. Oh and don't let the pics deceive you, there was a lot of seams that got ripped out because I am not pro at lining fabric up :P

I had so much fun doing this block and cannot wait till next months block.