Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Method To My Madness

Do you really think wonky is my style? I don't think so :) This block was a big push for me and although I did not follow the path of a true wonkier (is that a word?), I think I did rather well. I like to plan everything in my blocks so I decided I would not do that when choosing which fabrics went where. I literally closed my eyes a just grabbed. The only fabric I kind of planed was the floral because I wanted it in the bigger spots so it would be dominant.

So now for the method:

I decided I would paper piece the block. Here is the telephone book paper.

Then since my paper was not 12 inches long I cut two 6.50 inch squares.

Then I made my pattern on the squares.

Here I am piecing it together.

Right after piecing.

Then I had to sew them together. I know looks crooked but I swear it will come out straight :).

Yeah! It's straight.

And the end result.

My only complaint was the orange fabric did not come up in the pile as much. Oh and don't let the pics deceive you, there was a lot of seams that got ripped out because I am not pro at lining fabric up :P

I had so much fun doing this block and cannot wait till next months block.



Hermione J. Schwartz said...

It's wonderful! I am so glad you shared how you put the block together. I am so scared of precise blocks, it's funny that wonky is scary for others. I can't wait to put all these beautiful, creative blocks together. =]

Kris said...

This is one of the most unique ways to do a wonky block, but I love the creative way to approach something new! I'm hoping to get to my block tomorrow :)