Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Scrappy Star for Lisa

After brainstorming different blocks, I settled on a version of the Galaxy block in the book(let) Miss Jump's Favorites by Linda Brannock. None of the pieces were intended to meet up exactly or be perfectly symmetrical which really plays to my strengths.

The outer squares and quarter circles were stitched together by machine. The star and inner two circles were stitched by reverse applique. Then the two sections were stitched to each other with reverse applique again.

The block is a little wonky, a little scrappy and a lot hand-stitched. I hope it looks quirky and fun rather than sloppy. I really liked using all the different fabrics and found this to be a really creative and fun challenge. Thanks, Lisa! =]
P.S. Lisa, please, please do me a favor. Don't put my block next to Zonnah's. Even though we used similar techniques my stitching doesn't even compare to hers! Thanks, you're a doll! ;]


awaytome said...

What a fun block! It was a good choice for that many different fabrics.

Gretchen Joanna said...

I would love to make this, for playing to strengths--and beauty!