Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Can you believe it's already August?"

I almost cried when I re-read Zonnah's card and realized that it's almost November.  Yikes!  I was terrified to do these curves since I've never done them before so I wouldn't let myself finish any other bee blocks until I completed this one.  I used a pattern from Purl Bee for Curved Seam Pillows , and shrunk the pdf by half.  It worked out pretty well and the instructions on the site were a great intro to curved seams.  My picture definitely suffered from being in the bright sun - the shadows are making those puckers look worse than they actually are (although there's no denying that they exist).  Learning some new skills, such as curved seams, was why I joined some quilting bees, so thanks, Zonnah, for the challenge - and enjoy!   ~Gretchen


Zonnah said...

I Love it! Don't worry about the puckering, I make a lot of mistakes as well :) Thank you.

Robin said...

I really like what you put together! What a great use of the fabrics... I especially love the tiny red border. You did a great job. :)

Anne at Film and Thread said...

That turned out great! Really beautiful.