Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thunder is one of the best color names

First, the purple shot cotton Nichole sent us for October is delicious.

I didn't think I had a lot of flowers in my stash, but I was able to find several. These three looked best in the Thunder field.

Amazingly, the block when smoothly and that scares me. I checked and double checked the instructions so I think I am good on that end. It was fun to arrange and rearrange the flower placement. I decided on this so that the flowers were further from the center, but still kind of balanced. By the way, the littlest flower on the bottom right isn't that close to the edge. Some of the side got cropped out of the picture.
I am really interested in seeing the finished quilt. The block should be in the mail tomorrow! =]


Robin said...

I'm a little in love with the shot cotton too! It is just gorgeous. As is your block! I love the flowers you chose.

Anne at said...

I love your block and the big variance in size of the flowers. Isn't that shot cotton exquisite?