Saturday, June 26, 2010

Film and Thread

Anne from Film and Thread asked us to make a block with the theme of maps. She said it could be loosely interpreted. My first idea was to do a treasure map but that was quickly vetoed when I thought of this block which plays of her blog title.

Everything but the border was hand stitched because to me inset seems are easyier to make by hand then on the machine.

The block went together smoothly until I got to the end I realized that I made it too big and that adding a 1.5 inch border would make it bigger than asked for. I emailed Anne and she was very nice and said it would be ok. Then when I went to add the borders I once again made a math error and made the border to small! This whole fiasco sums up this month for me. Oh well, in the end I love it. It is so fun imagining something in your head and seeing it come to life.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Retracing My Steps

I loved Anne's map idea and for this one, I thought it'd be fun to retrace my steps around the country. I grew up in Minnesota and if you follow the arrows around, you can see that I moved to California for college and during college spent time living in New York City and then outside Philadelphia. After returning to California, I moved back to Minnesota and then to upstate New York where I am now.

Snip.Sew.Send block for Anne

Snip.Sew.Send block for Anne

It's kind of crazy to see where I've lived on a map like this. I hope Anne likes how it came together.

Snip.Sew.Send block for Anne

I also can't believe this was my last block for this bee! It's been a great year and I'll post pictures when I get my quilt put together. Thanks to all of you lovely ladies!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Map block for Anne

Growing up, my father had a small airplane and he used to take us up in it. I always loved looking at the landscape and seeing how the different fields and farms looked like little contained boxes and were all different colors. Even though I didn't think of this as a typical map, I kept coming back to this idea, so I just went with it.

The blue is supposed to be a body of water and the rest are different "crops." There's a little sailor in there too. I have also been working on hexagons lately and decided it would be cute to throw them in as some little "landmark" or key code type things. There's a sail boat, an anchor, mushrooms, a bee, and a rooster (what farm is complete without a rooster?!).

It isn't perfect and it certainly doesn't look like a typical map, but I hope Anne is happy with it anyway! :)

PS. My friend suggested I do a map of 1943 Europe and sent me this link as a guide. He wanted me to make sure I included every single arrow. I vetoed that idea, as you can see. A little too complicated for my taste. ;)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Round 2 ~ RTG (aka Ready to Go)

I know we aren't quite finished with the inaugural round, but we do need to get the schedule set for Round 2. If you are participating in Round 2 (so far it is Zonnah, Anne, Rebecca, Lisa, Gretchen, Tina and me) please choose which month you would like us to make your blocks*. Just leave a comment on this post. If a huge issue comes up where two ladies want the same month, I am sure we can work it out.

Monthly Schedule (check back for updates)
July ~ Rebecca
August ~ Tina
September ~ Lisa
October ~ Anne
November ~ Gretchen
December ~ Zonnah
January 2011 ~ Adrienne

*Rebecca and Anne suggested keeping Round 2 smaller but make two blocks each. I didn't see any objections, so for Round 2 we can either make 2 blocks for the month or put a little extra into one block such as embellishments, more intricate patterns or extra large blocks, etc. We'll make it the fabric sender's choice. =]

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pinwheels in green

I was excited to find some time last week to go into the quilty room and actually use my machine! It gave me a chance to make my May blocks for Rebecca. She sent an array of fabulous greens for me to work with.

SSS May 1
I enjoyed making it so much, I had to make a second...

SSS May 2
It was hard to send these off, as I really love the look of them. But I did keep one of the scraps of leftover fabric to use in my Jane Stickle quilt. That definitely made it a little easier to give them up (and it will be so cool to have a sort of SSS memory/keepsake in my Jane). :)

I'm really excited to see how Rebecca puts these together as all of the blocks I've seen so far look so cool!